7 Best Digital Marketing Strategies (2023 Edition)

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1. Influencer Marketing

Digital marketing strategies including influencers. Influencer marketing is a cool way for businesses to reach people they want to connect with and make more people know about their brand. They do this by teaming up with people who are famous in certain areas. These people already have lots of fans who trust what they say, so when they talk about a product or service, it’s like a recommendation from a friend.

Businesses can work with influencers in different ways. For example, having them make posts about the product or giving their opinions. This helps businesses get noticed by a bigger group of people and build a real connection with possible customers.

To make influencer marketing work, it’s important to pick the right influencers who care about the same things as the brand. The collaborations should be real and not feel fake. Plus, the content they make should be interesting and connect with the people who see it. When done right, influencer marketing can help businesses reach more people, build trust, and grow.

2. Mobile-First Marketing

Mobile-first marketing is super important in today’s digital world. More and more people use smartphones, so businesses have to focus on making their stuff work well on those little screens. This means designing websites and ads just for mobiles.

A big part of mobile-first marketing is having a responsive website. That means your site should work perfectly on a phone, loading fast and being easy to use. Lots of folks use their phones to browse the internet, so having a phone-friendly website is a must.

Mobile ads are also a big deal. Most of the money spent on online ads goes to mobile ads. To get people’s attention, mobile ads have to be short and look cool because phone screens are small, and people don’t look at them for long.

Having a mobile app is a smart move too. Apps give customers a special and easy way to interact with a business. They can get special offers and updates through the app. Plus, businesses can send them messages and even sell things right in the app.

Social media is another big part of mobile-first marketing. Lots of people use social media on their phones, so businesses have to make sure their social media posts and ads look great on mobiles. They should also use mobile-friendly features like Stories to catch people’s attention.

So, mobile-first marketing is all about making sure your stuff works well on phones. It’s about having a website that’s easy to use, cool mobile ads, a handy app, and social media that looks great on phones. When businesses do all these things right, they can connect with more people and make their online marketing even better.

3. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has changed the way businesses do their marketing and talk to their customers. Thanks to fancy technology, marketers can use cool tools that make their work easier. These tools can do repetitive jobs, personalize messages, and make marketing campaigns better. By using automation, businesses can save time and money while sending the right messages to their audience.

One great thing about marketing automation is how it helps guide people who might want to buy something. Imagine getting emails that talk to you like a friend and give you the info you need to make a decision. That’s what automated email campaigns can do. They build a bond with you, give you useful stuff, and help you decide if you want to buy something.

Also, automation makes it easy to connect different types of marketing. It can make social media posts for you, share content when you want, and check how many people are interested. This means you can be on social media a lot and chat with your audience.

Another cool thing is that marketing automation gives you lots of information. It has tools to see how well your marketing is doing, how much money you’re making, and where you can do better. This way, you can make smart choices, make your marketing better, and use your money wisely.

4. Multi-platform Content Strategy

Having a strategy to share content on lots of different platforms is a big deal in today’s digital world. People use social media, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and more on various devices. So, businesses need to adjust their content to fit each platform.

This strategy means creating content that works well on each platform and speaks to the people there. For example, on Instagram and Pinterest, businesses might make stunning images that people want to share. But on places like YouTube or TikTok, where videos are hot, they might focus on making cool and interesting videos. They might also write articles or blog posts for their website and share short bits on Twitter or LinkedIn.

A multi-platform content strategy also means making content that fits each platform’s rules. This includes making sure the content looks good on different screen sizes, and using things like hashtags and live videos when they fit. When businesses do all this right, they can reach more people and make their content work better on every platform.

5. Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is like a magic spell that helps businesses connect with their audience by sharing a special story. Instead of talking about their products, it’s all about telling their story – the things they believe in, what they’re all about, and where they came from. When a brand tells a good story, it makes people feel something, like happiness or trust. It also makes people like the brand more and stay loyal.

In the digital world, where there’s so much stuff online, brand storytelling is super important. People want to feel a real connection with the brands they like. For example, Sarasota Web Design gets this and uses brand storytelling in their marketing. They tell their story on their website and social media. They show they’re really passionate about making awesome websites that help businesses.

Sarasota Web Design doesn’t just talk the talk; they also show how good they are by sharing success stories and what their clients say. This makes them look good and brings in new clients. It also makes them a trusted name in their field.

So, brand storytelling is like a secret weapon for businesses. It’s about telling their unique story, making people feel good, and showing how great they are. This is how Sarasota Web Design shines in the digital world.

6. Chatbot Marketing

Using chatbots for marketing has become pretty popular among businesses. A chatbot is like a robot that talks to people. It can act like a human and help people right away. It’s super useful in customer service because it can answer common questions, and suggest products.

The cool thing about chatbots is that they can talk to people like a friend and give them what they need right away. They’re smart and can understand what people say, so there’s no need to wait for a real person to help. This makes customers happy and means businesses can help anytime, day or night.

Chatbots can also work on different apps and websites, so businesses can reach customers where they like to be. Whether it’s on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or a website’s chat, chatbots make it easy for people to talk to businesses.

So, chatbot marketing is a smart way for businesses to talk to customers fast, be helpful, and be where customers like to hang out online.

7. Voice/Visual Search

Voice and visual search are two exciting things happening in the digital world. Thanks to voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, voice search has become super popular. Instead of typing questions, people just talk to their devices, and the virtual assistant helps them out. This change means businesses have to change how they show up online to be ready for voice search.

To get ready for voice search, businesses need to understand how people talk when they use it. People speak more like they’re having a conversation, so businesses need to use longer and more natural phrases in their content. Also, giving clear answers to common questions can make it more likely for a business to show up in voice search results.

Visual search is another cool thing. Instead of typing words, people can take a picture or upload an image to find what they’re looking for. The tech looks at the image and gives information or shows related stuff. This is a chance for businesses to show their products in a whole new way and make the user experience better.

To get ready for visual search, businesses should make sure their images are set up right. This means using good names for image files, adding descriptions and captions, and making sure the images load fast. Using structured data and special markup for products can also help search engines show visual content.

Voice and visual search are changing the digital world, and people are using them more and more. Businesses that get ready for these changes can do better by giving people what they want. By using natural language in their content for voice search and making images easy to find for visual search, businesses can show up more. It’s all about connecting with people in new and exciting ways and getting more visitors and customers.


In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, businesses must keep up with the latest trends and how people behave online. The seven strategies we discussed. SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC advertising, email marketing, influencer marketing, and video marketing. It covers a lot and can help a business succeed online. By using these strategies the right way, businesses can make their online presence stronger. It also connects with the people they want to reach, and meet their marketing goals. Professionals who specialize in Sarasota web design can give useful advice and create websites that look great and work well. These websites are like the foundation for successful digital marketing campaigns.

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